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Cathryn Lau


Cathryn Lau, a long time designer and educator enjoys applying the creative process to all she does. Looking for multiple solutions, inventing, playful experimentation, and divergent thinking are integral to how she works whether making a painting, building a sculpture, or remodeling her home. Since retiring in 2017 from a nearly 30 year career as a teacher, mostly at Punahou School in Honolulu, she is enjoying the opportunity to put more of her energies into art making. 


Currently working mostly in printmaking, pastels and watercolors she varies her subject matter from interpretive realism to abstracts. Inspirations for Cathryn’s work have many sources. Sometimes she builds artworks based off of landscapes in Hawaii or her travels. Other times she is focuses on colors, shapes, processes, or pure imagination. 


Seeing the world through “artist eyes” as she used to say to her students, is truly one of her greatest joys. 

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